In this tutorial we will learn how to compare multiple database schemas using Quest® Toad® for Oracle. Read the blog, then watch the video.

In previous versions of Toad for Oracle, the option Compare Multiple Schemas was in a separate window, as one more option in the Database Menu. As of version 12.11, the Compare Multiple Schemas window was combined with the Compare Schemas window and now this window gives us the ability to perform various types of comparisons of multiple database schemas.

The different types of comparisons we can make are: 

  1. One to One – compare a source schema or snapshot file to a target schema or snapshot file.
  2. One to Many – compare a source schema or snapshot file to multiple target database schemas.
  3. Many to Many Schemas – compare one or multiple pairs of database schemas in a source and target database.
  4. Many to Many Snapshots – compare multiple pairs of snapshot files.